About Author James Redfearn

James Redfearn, author of the Irish American historical saga, The Rising at Roxbury Crossing, has been an industrial-commercial photographer, a Massachusetts State Trooper and an investigator for a Boston law firm. He graduated from Harvard University with an ALM in Literature and Creative Writing. His stories have been published in the University’s Charles River Review and the New England Writers Network. He was raised in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston and now resides with his wife, Gail, west of the city where he enjoys his four children and eight grandchildren.

In 1971, he began a twenty-one year career with the State Police, serving as a patrol officer, criminal investigator and academy instructor. He has lectured on investigative research methods at national Law Enforcement conferences.

Jim has also been an Assistant to the President of a Massachusetts health care system, an investigator for the Boston law firm, Choate, Hall & Stewart and an industrial-commercial photographer for Edgerton, Germeshausen & Grier, a company specializing in nuclear testing, marine studies and high-speed photography.

With deepest respect, Jim remembers his late father-in-law, William E. Mulvey, who once asked, “Can you do some research on my father? He was a Boston Police Officer.” The Department record for Patrolman William J. Mulvey reads: “Mulvey, William J., ABANDONED HIS DUTY, September 9, 1919.” And thus began a seven-year journey back to the Boston of 1919 and the writing of The Rising at Roxbury Crossing.